Batavia Restaurant Supply

Batavia Restaurant Supply has been in business since 1958 when Ruth and Charlie Charvella purchased Specialty Distributors on Ellicott Street. After a name change to Batavia Restaurant Supply and later a move to Swan Street, the business outgrew it’s location. Over 55 years later the business is still continuing to grow. We have been and always will be open to the public. Currently the business is proudly owned and  operated on West Main Street by Nathan Charvella and Stacey Schrader.

As times have changed, so have a lot of the items kept on display in the storefront. In addition to the commercial side, we have recently extended our lines to cater to anyone from the novice cook to the advanced chef. Stop in and check out our newly stocked showroom.

•  Ranges, Microwaves, Ice Machines, Coolers/Freezers, Work Tables, Fryers

•  Stainless Steel or Aluminum Pots and Pans, Aluminum Food/Steam Table Pans

•  Knives, Storage Containers, Utensils & Gadgets

•  Baking, Cake Decorating & Kitchen Supplies

•  Food Items (Dry, Frozen & Refrigerated Products)

•  Paper Products, Plastic Cutlery and Disposables

•  Pizza Shop, Bar/Saloon, Catering & BBQ Supplies

•  Tabletop, China and Glassware Items

•  Janitorial & Cleaning